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IT Strategic Planning

Do you have a clear strategy for your organization that is fully understood by the entire company?

Is your strategy a list of projects that seems to grow every year?

Does your strategy document live on the shelf or in the hearts and minds of your team?


Business Process Optimization

Many leaders have discovered that cross functional business processes are often poorly defined and documented. This leads to duplicated tasks, lost productivity, customer frustration and sub optimal results. 

The paradox is that people are 'too busy' dealing with these suboptimal business processes to float above them and work on a better path. The tyranny of the urgent takes over and working on documenting and improving processes becomes secondary.


Friction Free IT

Friction Free IT begins by ensuring that your IT investments are aligned with your business strategy. Many organizations are so busy focusing on their core business and that they don't have time to worry about IT. This can quickly lead to IT running without a clear strategy and roadmap. Stop the chaos and begin the journey towards Friction Free IT - get things running smoothly.


Staff Augmentation Services

There are many challenges facing todays IT groups. One of the biggest problems is finding the right people for the right project. That's where we can help. We've helped our clients find the exact human resources when the financial or time resources might be at a premium.


Independent Implementation Adviser

Implementing a new business system (ERP, CRM, etc.) a big investment with a great deal of complexity. Since these implementations require a special set of skills, most companies rely on third parties to help them get the project done. You probably have the subject matter experts that know your business and you probably have a partner that knows their business software. However, you may need an Independent Implementation Adviser that can monitor and help keep the project moving forward.